Environmental protection, labor protection and relations with partners policy

POLICY in the field of quality, health and environment, assurancelabor safety of the oil refinery CJSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company

The oil refinery of CJSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company is one of thedynamically developing processing enterprises in the Kyrgyz Republichydrocarbon raw materials and the production of petroleum products. The main goalenterprises - production and delivery of competitive products,satisfying customer requirements and generating sustainable profits forfurther development of production in the interests of consumers and society, andalso ensuring safe working conditions and minimizing environmentalimpacts. Improving the quality of products is a decisive factorthe conditions of its competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

The main directions of its Policy are determined by the management of CJSC KPCthe following:

- mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers in order to ensure stabilityand the rhythm of the supply of raw materials and inventories.

- continually improving customer satisfaction through research andanalysis of the consumer market of petroleum products by assortment and quality withtaking into account the outstripping consumer demand.

State and Society
- the strict implementation of legislative acts of government andsupervisory authorities to ensure product quality, health and safetyenvironment;
- active participation in the implementation of government and industry programs;
- rendering assistance to the development and well-being of society.

- continuous professional development and motivation of employees;
- increasing the responsibility of personnel for the implementation of legislative,regulatory and other requirements.

Safety and working conditions:
- organization of control over the fulfillment of labor protection requirements and ensuringmeans of protection of workers;'
- professional selection and training of employees working at the enterprise;
- improvement of the refinery infrastructure;
- decrease in the level of morbidity and traumatism.

- reducing the negative impact of the plant on the environment byrenewal of obsolete equipment, technological processes andmaterials used;
- release of environmentally friendly products;
- rational use of natural resources.

Continuous improvement:
- improving the efficiency of the quality management systems,an integrated management system;
- modernization of technological processes and equipment, introduction of a newtechniques and technologies;
- continuous monitoring of product quality, health status of workers,working conditions, safety and environmental protection bytimely and effective elimination of nonconformities.

To achieve the objectives of this Policy, the Company's management takescommitments:
- to comply with all the declared provisions of this Policy in the field ofquality, health protection, labor safety and protectionenvironment;
- to ensure the implementation of legislative and regulatory acts on labor andenvironmental protection of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- to constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system andan integrated management system;
- to improve the system of industrial environmental control forcompliance with emission and discharge standards, as well as the rules for handlingproduction waste and rational use of energy resources;
- to ensure the improvement of working conditions, to introduce effectivemeans and methods to improve labor safety, preventionmorbidity, industrial injuries and accidents;
- maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders onissues of quality management, health protection, safety assurancelabor and environmental protection.