CJSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company - is the first integratedan oil producer, refiner and seller of petroleum products in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Brief information:

The sole shareholder of the Closed Joint Stock Company Kyrgyz Petroleum Company (CJSC KPC or Company) is OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz (OJSC KNG) which currently owns 100 % of the shares of the Company. The company is engaged inthe production of petroleum products from oil and other raw materials and providesprocessing services. At the moment the company produces 3 typesproducts: gasoline, diesel, fuel oil. NPZ (oil refinery) CJSC KPC designed to process 500,000 tons of crude oil per year and severalless volume of alternative feedstock such as gas condensate,distillates, substandard oil products. The main partner of the Companyis an enterprise - the owner of OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz . The management of the Companythe quantitative and qualitative composition of the enterprise is fully ensured.It should be noted that CJSC KPC is one of the most significanttaxpayers in the Jalal-Abad region. The supreme governing bodythe enterprise is the General Meeting of Shareholders, with the right to make decisions onon all issues of the Company's activities. Next in the management hierarchy isBoard of Directors. The Board of Directors provides general managementthe activities of the Company, excluding matters referred toby legislation to the exclusive competence of the general meeting of shareholders.The day-to-day management of the Company is carried out by the executive body, inthe face of the President of the Company, elected by the Board of Directors.

History of the company

The origins of the Company go back to 1995. Between open joint-stockcompany Kyrgyzneftegaz and joint stock company with limitedthe responsibility of PetroKyrgyzstan (Jersey) has reached an agreement oncreation of a joint venture CJSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company. Shares of shares50/50 were distributed between the participants in this transaction. After signingInvestment Agreement with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in December1995, a foreign investor provided investment funds forfinancing liabilities under the Investment Agreement, includinginitial contribution for the construction of a refinery (refinery) anddevelopment of oil fields. Construction of an oil refinery in the city of Jalal-Abadstarted in January 1996 and was completed on time - inSeptember 1996. Oil refinery CJSC KPC was solemnlyopened on October 6, 1996. In June 1996, the Company began developingdeposits using special equipment required forthis activity in the Kyrgyz Republic. Preliminary technicalfield assessment showed that hydraulic fracturing of oil-bearingreservoirs are the most efficient and profitable improvement methodoil production. Test program, including 21 oil wells, began inOctober 1996. By the end of 1996, the investor has fully complied withcommitments to invest the amount of funds of the amount of funds provided ascommitment by the documents of the Company, and continued to invest in developmentRefineries and fields. At the same time, additional tanks were installedand loading equipment to adapt the refinery to new conditions. Newtechnical improvements at the refinery were carried out in 1998-2001 foran increase in the octane number of gasoline produced. This was caused byan increase in the number of foreign modern cars imported intoKyrgyzstan. In 2012, the Company suspended its oil production activitiesfrom our own wells and focused on oil refiningand other raw materials. November 6, 2012 was a historic date forCompanies. On this day, all the necessary documents forpurchase of OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz 50% of shares owned by Petro Kyrgyzstan LTD. Thus, OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz became the sole shareholder of CJSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company. After the acquisition of Kyrgyz Petroleum CJSCCompany, OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz became the only enterprise that has a complete production cycle, starting from exploration and productionoil and ending with the production and sale of oil products. In exchangeforeign specialists who quit their work in the Company came tolocal specialists with a sufficient set of knowledge, skills and abilities.Employees of the enterprise in March 2012 created Primary Trade Union organization, which was registered with the justice authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2016, and in has now become an independent public trade union organizationand is a member of the Association of Trade Unions of OJSC KNG. In 2016, the Company underwentcertain structural changes. Has been partially optimizedorganizational structure of the enterprise, modernization measures are being takenproduction. The Company has ambitious and versatile tasks.a set of measures for the development of the enterprise.


The companys specialists have developed an organizational and technical strategydevelopment of the company in the near future, within which it is plannedmodernization of the plant with the installation of processes for the secondary processing of fuel oil fromincreasing the depth of selection, as well as recycling naphtha byto increase the octane number. These measures are aimed primarily atconformity of products to international standards. This technology will allowfor the enterprise to increase the depth of selection of light fractions from available raw materials,which will ultimately increase cash flows at the enterprise and increasethe attractiveness of processing raw materials at the Companys refineries for its customers.within the framework of personnel training for 2017, it is planned to conduct a number ofactivities aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and skills of employeesenterprises. It is planned to increase the volume of production, withmaintaining the current level of losses. All financial indicators are planned.keep at the optimal level and carry out organizational and technicalmeasures to optimize costs. The company is going to continuemake every effort to produce products efficiently anddynamic development of the enterprise, taking into account modern requirements and changesin the oil refining industry, quality improvement and close cooperationwith partners.