The testing laboratory is part of the Closed Joint-Stock Company "Kyrgyz Petroleum Company". The testing laboratory is located in specialized premises. The laboratory is managed only on the main territory of CJSC "KPC".


The accreditation certificate No. KG 417/KCA.IL.042 and No. KG 417/KCA.OK.069 demonstrates technical competence for conducting testing and control according to the Accreditation Area, with an effective quality management system.


The company's management ensures the availability of resources through material and technical supply, training, as well as the creation of appropriate infrastructure and production environment. The management of the testing laboratory guarantees a high level of quality, objectivity, and reliability of tests in the area of activity recognized during accreditation.


The testing laboratory is accredited in accordance with the international standard GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 and is accredited as a type "B" inspection body in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17020-2013 and participates in the control of the technological process.


The managerial and technical staff have powers and duties according to the developed job descriptions and labor contracts. The laboratory staff has the resources to implement, maintain, and improve the laboratory's management system.


The laboratory has a sufficient number of managerial and technical staff with the appropriate education and qualifications, ensuring the conduct of product testing in accordance with the area of accreditation.


The main activity of the testing laboratory is conducting tests of incoming raw materials and petroleum products produced by the refinery.


To support the activities of the IL, the following are documented: Regulations, purpose, policy, procedures, passport, job and production instructions, and other documents in the volume required for the management system.